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Action Centre for Sustainable SMEs (ACCESS)

Kick start your journey at the Action Centre for Sustainable SMEs which aims to equip and facilitate SMEs to become sustainable and integrate better into the supply chain


ACCESS SME Sustainability Training & Development Program

What Is It?

This program is provided by UNGCMYB and SME Corp. Malaysia for SMEs to complete a 6-month training and development program specifically designed to upgrade SMEs sustainability maturity level.

Why Do It?

Sustainability is becoming a must-have for Companies of all sizes. SMEs are more vulnerable to sustainability-linked risks, and risk loosing out on business if they are not meeting sustainability criteria by their Corporate supply chain owners. This program trains SMEs on sustainability, do assessments, and obtain validated ESG data. It will boost SME suppliers competitiveness, resilience and increase business 
opportunities as a preferred supplier.

Jun - Nov 2022 

Online & Physical Sessions

Get certified by UNGCMYB

ESG Data Validation
Get Validated ESG Data


Who Should Attend?
SME business owners, directors or senior managers 

One (1) representative per SME can participate 


Financial Assistance Available

SME Corp. Malaysia is providing a RM7,000 grant per SME to complete the full program. Investment is RM10,000 – RM7,000 = RM3,000 only. Grant is available for SMEs.

Programme Outcomes

  • SMEs will improve their sustainability readiness scoring, which is part of SME Corp’s SME Rating & Accreditation (SRA) scope

  • Sustainability-trained and certified SMEs

  • Validated ESG data

  • Implementable Enterprise Sustainability Plan



  • Increase competitiveness by being a sustainability-trained certified SME

  • Increase resilience through the implementation of a sustainability strategy

  • Eligible for financial incentives at Alliance 


  • Building resilient and sustainable supply chains

  • Be a pioneer in driving ESG-oriented value chains or portfolios

  • Positive impact on the corporate reputation

  • ESG engagement adds material value for investors

This program begins in 2023. Interested applications, please register below: 

Please Contact
For Registration For The Next Cohort

For more detailed information of the program, please contact or download the e-brochure:

Be Part of Our Network in Building a Sustainable Future

Whether your company is just beginning to adopt sustainable business practices or are already seasoned practitioners of corporate sustainability, join us today to make an even greater difference.

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