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Digital UNGC Academy

We provide various bespoke talent development resources to our members around corporate sustainability topics.

UN Global Compact Digital Learning Library

The Digital Learning Library is a global Learning Management System with hundreds of self learning topics focusing on the SDGs, Climate Change, Sustainable Finance & Gender Equality, accessible to your organization’s employees. It is designed to help you find the resources you need to take the next step on your sustainability journey. It has a range of about 100 different courses that include Virtual Sessions, E-Learning courses, influencer series and an online community. Our system adopts an in-built gamification approach to ensure high levels of engagement and a user dashboard to track usage and learning progress.

Every employee of our members receive full access to all courses in our Digital Learning Library


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Digital Learning Library

Explore Available E-Learning Courses

Majority of our E-Learning Courses are available only to our members. However, there are some that are available for the public. Come try out our free E-Learning Courses: 

Be Part of Our Network in Building a Sustainable Future

Whether your company is just beginning to adopt sustainable business practices or are already seasoned practitioners of corporate sustainability, join us today to make an even greater difference.

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