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Expert Interview: Dato' Dr. Anas Alam Faizli, CEO, Corporate of Duopharma Biotech Berhad

We interviewed Dato' Dr. Anas Alam Faizli, Chief Executive Officer, Corporate of Duopharma Biotech Berhad. As a pharmaceutical business leader with a background in healthcare, asset management, and energy, and one of the most prominent leaders during the COVID-19 vaccination program in Malaysia, we’re honoured to share his wisdom and thoughts on sustainability and why organisations should embrace sustainability as a corporate strategy.

Let’s hear it from him:

1. What drives your passion for sustainability?

Coming from an Energy background, I have been ingrained with the sustainability mantra and am always on the lookout in ensuring that future generations inherit a better planet. Coupled with my involvement at the forefront of the COVID-19 pandemic, it is evident that planetary health shall be at the top of every nation’s agenda. There’s plenty of room to improve sustainability in Pharmaceuticals too. Not taking care of our planet would mean another pandemic in the near future. All these drive my passion for driving change in the virtuous cycle of sustainability. I believe that this will only be successful through the whole of government and society approach by ingraining sustainability in everyone. Companies must take the lead and set an example for the people. Let’s be a part of the growing solutions in sustainability, for people, planet, and profit. In 2016, I’ve written on sustainability titled “Imposing Efficient and Green Enabled Five Key Sectors to Save Malaysia’s Environmental Plague and Economy” - you can do it too.

2. How do you define “success” through the lens of sustainability?

3. What are your thoughts on prioritising sustainability in a time of disruption?

4. How is corporate sustainability important for business?

5. What is the fundamental and most crucial corporate sustainability strategy?


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