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Sustainability insights during Covid-19

Sustainability budgets of most organisations in Malaysia remain unaffected, according to results from a live poll Global Compact Network Malaysia (GCMY) conducted during the Corporate Sustainability Practitioners Dialogue (CSPD) today. The online event was attended by about 65 attendees; and was an open and interactive dialogue between corporate sustainability heads, executives and practitioners from MNCs, GLCs, SMEs and other organisations in Malaysia.

The live poll was conducted with the purpose of evaluating the state of sustainability portfolios in corporations during the Covid-19 crisis, and prospects of its rising influence post crisis. Other key poll results are as follows:

  • 71% of respondents foresee sustainable development initiatives to be implemented more aggressively in their organisation post-covid.

  • Lack of financial resources, no supporting regulations, and lack of leadership support are the 3 major challenges for corporate sustainability post crisis.

  • 98% of respondents plan to leverage the crisis’ impact to support their organisation’s sustainability agenda, with 50% of that group planning to use the impact to show tangible business value for investing in sustainability, as opposed to using it to create a sustainability culture, drive product and innovation, and for supporting regulations and incentives.

Curious about the rest of the poll results? Click here to view them: Corporate Sustainability Practitioners Dialogue – Survey Results


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