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SME Sustainability E-Learning

An online ESG platform to drive Sustainable Business and Trade.

Developed by UN Global Compact Network Malaysia & Brunei (UNGCMYB) and Taylor’s University


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This is a sustainability eLearning course, co-developed by UNGCMYB and Taylor's University. Within the program, participants are provided with an understanding on how to enhance business attractiveness, competitiveness and resilience through the adoption and internalization of practices and processes of sustainability. 

This course has been carefully curated for learners to embark on self-paced independent learning. 

The SME Sustainability E-Learning Modules are designed for SMEs with the aim to:


knowledge about sustainability and understanding of sustainability concepts 


participants with specifically curated sustainability materials and content developed by UNGCMYB and partners

The SME Sustainability E-Learning Modules are fundamental sustainability knowledge developed for SMEs to improve sustainability performance, and the SME Sustainability E-Learning index score.

Six (6) Modules for self-guided learning

One (1) hour per module

English & Bahasa Malaysia

Curated sustainability topics and tools relevant for MSMEs

ACCESS eLearning Certification, issued by UNGCMYB and Taylors University. 

How it works?
Participants will be provided pre-recorded videos and additional reading materials to successfully complete the activities. 

SME Sustainability E-Learning Module Outline

Sustainability Fundamentals

Introduction to Sustainability

Identify and prioritize sustainability risks and opportunities

Stakeholder engagement - Enabling a whole of organization approach

Developing a sustainability action plan

Transforming ESG Data into business value

MCQ assessment must be passed to advance to the next Module and to successfully complete the Course.

Start your sustainability journey with SME Sustainability E-Learning! 

Payment Structure: RM400

For more detailed information of the program, please contact

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