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TCS Zero Carbon Platform is a digital carbon emission management tool for organizations to allow setting of targets, monitoring of carbon footprint via interactive dashboard and a marketplace that enables leading through actions to reduce and offset carbon consumption towards net zero.


Holistic solution to calculate and track your business’ carbon footprint

Every product or service contributes to the Greenhouse Gases (GHG) emissions in our planet, directly and indirectly. Organizations around the world are actively demonstrating eagerness towards accounting, reporting, optimization, neutralization, and avoidance of carbon emission.

TCS Zero Carbon Platform Dashboard Preview

Monitor your carbon emission with a one-stop dashboard and extend it to your ecosystem to drive a low-carbon supply chain.


The tool has been built based on International Energy Agency (IEA) and Malaysian Emission Calculation Factors.

With TCS Zero Carbon Platform, entire process is:




Real-time updated

Numbers shown on preview are for illustration purposes only.

With TCS Zero Carbon Platform, traditional excel and email-based data collection, calculation and reporting are eliminated, and entire process is digitized, automation enabled and made real-time with pre-established configurations, roles and accesses.

Through TCS Zero Carbon Plaform, your organization can now:

Onboard several locations and users for:

Data Provisioning



Establish a full-fledged, digitized carbon management organization structure with:



External Vendors

ZeroC Access

With the joint partnership between UNGCMYB & TCS, we aim to take Malaysian organisations a step closer to achieving SDGs. UNGCMYB members are given complimentary access to the TCS Zero Carbon Platform.

For non-members, kindly fill up the form and we will contact you to provide further information.

Please reach out to if you are unable to access the form.

Fill up this form to register for an account.

Actively move towards offsetting your organization's carbon footprint through entire supply chain with offsetting initiatives

How it works:

Setting Your Baseline

Use the platform to submit data relevant to your organization to calculate your carbon footprint and set your baseline

Various Management Levels

Dashboards with breakdown of your carbon emission will be displayed in real-time

Reduction Initiative

Prioritization of carbon emission reduction initiative by introducing technologies such as IoT and real-time monitoring tools

Automated Input

Automate your data entry by integrating TCS Zero Carbon Platform with your data source

For more detailed information of the TCS Zero Carbon Platform, please contact or download the e-brochure:

Be Part of Our Network in Building a Sustainable Future

Whether your company is just beginning to adopt sustainable business practices or are already seasoned practitioners of corporate sustainability, join us today to make an even greater difference.

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