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We develop guidebooks to help you understand how to integrate  sustainability and climate goals into your organization’s strategies and operations.

UN Global Compact Network Malaysia & Brunei have a library of guidebooks covering a range of topics.

As a new joiner, the resources below will help you understand how to begin to integrate sustainability and climate goals into your organization’s strategies and operations.

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CEO Guide to Sustainability-Centric Businesses

The CEO Guide to Sustainability-Centric Businesses was released with our knowledge partner Capital Markets Malaysia (CMM)’s Centre for Sustainable Corporations (CSC) in building sustainable practices amongst public listed companies.


Malaysian Businesses for Positive Climate Actions – A CEO's Guide

This guide provides an easy reference to leaders of businesses who wish to transition their companies towards a net-zero carbon future. The development of the CEO's Guide is supported by HSBC Malaysia and is based on discussions in a series of CEO roundtables organised by UNGCMYB along with Tata Consulting Services (TCS) Malaysia, HSBC Malaysia, BMCC, Malaysian-German Chamber of Commerce and Industry, and NUBS Malaysia.

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UNGCMYB - Bursa Malaysia Corporate Sustainability Practitioner (CSP) Competency Framework

UNGCMYB together with Bursa Malaysia Berhad jointly developed a Corporate Sustainability Practitioner (CSP) Competency Framework. It is designed to help guide sustainability practitioners and support the transition to sustainable businesses. The framework communicates several competencies and capabilities across the areas of knowledge, skills, and beliefs. The identified competencies and sub-competencies are applicable to businesses of all industries, business models, and sizes. It also includes widely accepted practices and initiatives to assist practitioners in developing sustainability strategies, management programmes, and approaches to sustainability reporting.

Which Position Are Covered?

Executive Position
Sustainability Executive 

Middle Management
Sustainability Manager 

Senior Management
Chief Sustainability Officer

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MAJU Toolkit

MAJU Toolkit serves as a guide for SMEs to leverage sustainability for growth, to accelerate their sustainability agenda and be a sustainable supplier, as they often are the supplier to corporates. This toolkit was also picked up by Oxford University and is the one and only ASEAN toolkit listed under their SME Climate Hub. Through the use of our MAJU Framework, its various tools and guides, we’ve made it easy for SMEs to take their first step by helping them make meaning, investigate, create, implement and improve your sustainability journey.



Set your sustainable aspirations


Select activities that create impact


Keep track of sustainability performance


Innovate to raise

your game.

Company Building

MYClimateAction Guide

In Malaysia, climate change remains one of the most undermined risks which organizations face today (especially among small-mid cap companies & SMEs). Given the crucial role of businesses in leading Malaysia towards achieving a low carbon future, this guide is produced with the aim to:

Strengthen the business case of embarking on a Low Carbon pathway

Present a “Total Climate Management” framework to guide businesses on their decarbonization journey

Produce localised case studies to inspire action

Be Part of Our Network in Building a Sustainable Future

Whether your company is just beginning to adopt sustainable business practices or are already seasoned practitioners of corporate sustainability, join us today to make an even greater difference.

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