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Total Climate Management

Embarking on the climate agenda requires the right mindset and a holistic approach. This section highlights the “Total Climate Management” framework and associated tools which supports the setting of robust climate strategies and supporting organization culture to achieve climate targets

Core Beliefs

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Many of the most important things we hold to be true are not the product of fact and reason, they are in fact a result of the powerful and very human attribute we call belief. For leaders, understanding the link between individual beliefs and daily actions in the workplace can transform business outcomes. The basic foundation to a robust organisational climate change action agenda begins with changing beliefs to change actions.

The following are a set of CORE BELIEFS that augment the need for everyone to be onboard the climate change challenge:


We Can Only Win With

Working together is no longer optional - it is an imperative. Collaboration across sectors is crucial in the fight against climate change and strong partnerships can unlock the potential for climate-friendly solutions


We Must Guarantee
Future Equity

The ethical principle of equity, particularly intergenerational equity, is central to the aim of making commitments and that we are Stewards to deliver the sustainable development agenda for future generations


Climate Action is
Business Action

In order to thrive and prosper, taking on Climate action is a commitment that will help build organisational ability to absorb and adapt in a changing environment.


Technology Will
Scale Impact

The only way to get ahead of a crisis as large as climate change is through technology. Big leap innovations are crucial in a successful transition towards a low carbon economy, but anchor it on gains from the cumulative effect of small incremental innovations.

Total Climate Management

The Total Climate Management (TCM) is a framework to help define and assess different activities that support the overall climate strategy for organisations. Where applicable, users may plugin elements from their current practices as an expanded framework to implement climate action across the business, manage effective goal setting and reporting processes, and build an ecosystem with greater cohesivity. Each component of the TCM comes with additional tools to guide you in building a robust climate strategy. Scroll down to download the Guide today!

  • Buisness Advantage

  • Cost of Inaction

  • Leveraging Efficiencies

  • Incremental Innovation

  • Whole of organisation

  • Keep it simple

  • Equitable

  • Resilient

  • Inspirational

  • Trustworthy

Source: UN Global Compact Network Malaysia & Brunei



  • Big leap innovation remains a goal, but keep with material and process efficiency to gain incremental leads.

  • Expand on resources only in areas within the circle of influence and control to affect change.

  • Push towards positive tipping points by anchoring transformation to behavioural change.

Available Tools & Resources(Download the Guide to access the Tools & Resources):

  • Organisational Efficacy Test

  • Climate Action Matrix

  • Climate Action Guide



  • Adoption of climate change principles leads via the adoption of a climate-oriented organisational culture

  • Analogise to create shared understanding on climate change across stakeholder groups to drive action

Available Tools & Resources (Download the Guide to access the Tools & Resources):

  • The Climate Change Culture Window (CCCW) template



  • Enable better decisions and actions by sharing critical information for collective impact on climate change.

  • Be clear, open, efficient, and effective to build trust, minimise stress and inspire action

  • Provide everyone with access to knowledge and skills to help them partake in climate change action.

Available Tools & Resources (Download the Guide to access the Tools & Resources):

  • Climate Change Communication Guide



  • Shared values come from successful partnerships and are the result of purposeful engagement.

  • Suppliers and vendors are an extension of the organisation ’s capacity to affect climate change.

  • Climate change need not be a game of attrition. Competition must give way to collaboration to tackle the climate crisis.

Available Tools & Resources (Download the Guide to access the Tools & Resources):

  • The Partnerships for SDGs

  • Supplier Engagement Guide

Value Case


  • Coupling Climate change action to business strategy creates opportunities for efficiency, innovation and resilient growth.

  • Increase brand trust through enduring stakeholder relationships.

  • Inaction is no longer an option. A Just Transition enables a fair and equitable pathway to action.

Available Tools & Resources (Download the Guide to access the Tools & Resources):

  • Science Based Target Initiative (SBTI)

  • Climate Change Business Canvas

  • Climate Risk Register

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Taking on climate change effectively at an organisational level requires having a robust climate management strategy. Download our Total Climate Management and utilize the accompanying tools to make better decisions on your organization’s strategy and actions towards climate change.

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What do PETRONAS, Sarawak Energy, MRCB and Axiata have in common? These Malaysian leaders have already made ambitious climate commitments and embarked on their Net Zero journey. Download this case study book today to understand what actions they are taking.


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