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Research & Whitepapers

We aim to deliver a series of in-depth research and whitepapers from our continuous engagement with C-suites of public listed companies, sustainability practitioners, and SME leaders.


ESG for SMEs Resilience_18Dec-Email or W

Environmental, Social and Governance for SMEs Resilience: Case Insights for a Sustainable Future

This report offers a panoramic view of the sustainability journey of various Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs), from traditional enterprises to innovative digital start-ups, in Malaysia that have reimagined their operations with a sustainable lens. These case studies provide a comprehensive perspective on the integration of Environment, Social and Governance (ESG) practices into different business models and their pivotal role in enhancing business resilience and competitiveness. 

Download the report in English

Download the report in Bahasa Melayu


AC-CA Supply Chain - Malaysian-Japanese_edited.jpg

This Guide delves into the critical issues of anti-corruption and good governance in multinational business operations, specifically examining challenges encountered by Malaysian and Japanese companies. It draws insights from a roundtable discussion on "Business integrity regarding human rights protection and corruption prevention in the supply chain." The discussion focuses on the experiences of Malaysian and Japanese companies, covering two main topics: foreign corrupt practices and corporate responses to human rights protection. The conversations underscore the interconnected complexities in the business and integrity landscape, emphasizing the necessity for a comprehensive approach that involves multiple stakeholders.


Port Roundtable SocMed Card_01.png

This whitepaper, encapsulating the insights and recommendations from the port industry roundtable titled “Fostering Sustainability in Malaysian Port Industry” serves as a roadmap for the industry’s sustainability journey. It brought to light the commendable strides already taken by the ports, while also highlighting the areas that require further attention. 


Anti-Corruption_ private sector findings & recommendations jpg_edited.jpg

This Guide is a product of the Collective Action workshops that were organised and facilitated by UNGCMYB and the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (“MACC”) to various collaborators of different industries. It serves to give an indication to the corruption landscape of the country in order to be able to move forward with future initiatives and AC-CA (Anti-Corruption Collective Action) concepts. 


VNR Official Publication_edited.jpg

This position paper engagement seeks to gain an understanding of Malaysian businesses' position on SDGs and the related data collation and reporting approach currently available. Based on the inputs, the study aims to identify SDG reporting gaps and opportunities for the Private Sector in alignment with the Voluntary National Report 2021.

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